Ashwini,Ram &Little Shriya~Fremont Home Buyer

"...Thanks a million for helping us find our dream home& the endless support you provided us throughout the course of home buying from search to home closing.
In July 2011,When I first heard you on radio, I thought of reaching out to you just to know about the real estate market. When we spoke to you, you assured us that we can afford a home with our requirements, expectation& within our budget. The assurance you gave, was the catalyst for us, to buy the home. You patiently answered all our questions& cleared all the doubts we had in our mind. Your depth of knowledge in Real Estate was truly a reward for us.

When we decided to go with you, you actively showed the houses we short listed. You even shortlisted some of the homes for us, which we missed during our search.Thanks to your search, we found our dream home.You worked with Seller's agent who had very little knowledge of short sale to get bank approval done in 3 weeks.Short sale takes months together to close,but your expertise played a great role in getting the approval done in 3 weeks.

When I was shopping for lenders to fund me the loan, you and Ashokji came to my resume again. Ashokji matched the most competitive rate I got,& also promised to get additional cash back.Because of Seller's agents ignorance about the community not being FHA approved,I was on the urge of closing the deal. But, thanks to you, you negotiated with Seller's bank & helped me get additional 11k$ towards closing cost. Your negotiation brought down the interest rate which was very competitive. Thanks to your generosity, you even agreed to fund me a part of the down payment. I am indebt forever to you.

While the lending bank took forever to close my loan, you constantly worked with seller's agent in getting the extension without any hassel.I remember the day when the seller's bank did not approve the extension, I was heart broken & gave up. You,like a good friend,consoled me ,assured me the house is for me & got back to work with seller's agent,to strike a del for extension. hen the bank decided to pull back the 11K offer, you worked with Seller's bank to seller's agent& lending bank& make sure the deal was still on.

And finally when the day arrived when I got my funding & ready to close, you worked with title company to close the deal on the day I wished to close. I can't thank you enough for all your help you provided me & made my home buying process a smooth one.

Buying a home is the largest &biggest investment of one's lifetime. It is important to work with real estate agent that possess both good judgment &logical outlook &you Rekhaji is that real estate agent. If you're going to buy a home, you don't want any real estate agent, you want one that's looking out for your best interest &you are that person.

Datta ~ Fremont

I am writing this letter to Thank you for all the help in getting Short-Sale done for our Home on Alder Ave, Fremont, CA; It was a very difficult decision for us to make to sell a house in a short -sale. But when we met Ashok and Rekha they gave us a clear idea on what the process is going to be, and I would say they did a pretty good job in setting the expectations.

I am pretty sure this was not an easy job, it involved lot of hard-work, follow-up by emails and phone calls to lender, but Rekha and Ashok handled this with lot of sensivity and made seamless for us.

When we spoke with you in the beginning, you gave us the complete details of the process and an estimate about the timelines invovled in getting the short-sale done.

In summary I would say that all the above points I mentioned demonstrates your skills and expertise in closing a short-sale.

Gladys H~Oakland Seller

I live in Houston, TX and needed to sell my deceased Uncles house in Oakland. I had logged onto the computer to look for 'we buy ugly houses' in the Oakland area, but was told they do not have service in the Oakland area. I was contacted by Ms. Chatwani to help with the sale of the house. She was EXCELLENT! She held my hand all the way through the sell. I would recommend Ms. Chatwani to anyone.....

Hamsha Raman & Roopa Reddy

I want to take this opportunity to write about the outstanding support and guidance we have received from Rekha in our search for a home in Fremont San Jose Mission School District.

We have were introduced to Rekha through a mutual acquanintance in March 2010, when we first started our search for a home. Although we have worked with Rekha for only 3 months, it seems like we have known her all our lives. Rekha has been serving people such as ourselves for well over 20+ years, and has tremendous knowledge and insight about the real estate market. She really dedicated her time to: completely comprehend our priorities and personal interests thoroughly, validated our financial capacity, understood our expectations and tastes for the home we were looking for, and served us with tremendous efficiency and skill, to find the ideal home for us. She not only researched ahead of time each property we visited, she was our guide at every step, in opening our minds to the different options and possibilities for us to consider while narrowing down our choices.

We of course had interviewed and talked to several agents before we decided to work with Rekha. We did not want to go for the most popular and well known or most advertized agent in the market, as we knew we would be competing for their time and priorities rather than ours. Her honestly, openness, and her punctuality is something that is very unique in this business, and to be admired. She prepared very well and contrasted all our likes and dislikes before she researched and selected the homes for our viewing. Since both of us, Roopa and I have a very busy schedule, it was extremely important for us to work with someone who understood our time constraints.

Rekha has been more than an agent for us; she has already earned our respect and regard, and will be our friend for life. She is automatically selected to be the listing agent for our house in Union City, and we highly recommend her to any of our friends and associates.

We are absolutely certain Rekha will serve as an excellent resource, friend and associate in meeting a prospective buyer/seller's real estate needs, and far exceed expectations one might have. Again, we wholeheartedly recommend Rekha Chatwani to be considered for any real estate needs.

Harry and Jennifer Huynh ~ Fremont Home Seller

"...We would like to let you know how much we appreciate your help. Now we truly would believe in you when you said "trust me, I am good, and I can sell the house for you." We would not hesitate to recommend Rekha the right choice to our relatives, friends and people we know for any real estate transaction..."

John and Christine Rives

We wanted to sell our condo in this down market, and we decided to go with Rekha Chatwani because of her outstanding track record. Rekha sold our condo, and we were so please with her personal touch that when we bought our home, we used her as our buying agent. Her personal attention and her attention to detail is what set her apart from other agents. If we ever decide to buy or sell real estate again, the first person we will call is Rekha.

Joyce Jesuitas ~ Fremont Home Seller

"...I can honestly say without hesitation that without Rekha's delligence, dedication, and hard work, often into the late hours of the night, I doubt my house would have ever sold after having been on the market for over seven months (with other agent). I oweher debt of gratitude. I am absolutely certain that Rekha would work just just hard for all her clients..."

Lie-Quan Lee ~ Fremont Home Buyer

"...This letter is to express my special thanks to you for your honesty, integrity, and the professional service you provided to us during the process of buying our house..."

Mathew and Swapna ~ Fremomt Home Buyer

"...Not only helped us buy the house you went above and beyond to help us rent our first home. At each and every stage of the transaction your attention to details to keep our closing costs lower is commentable...."

Michelle Ray ~ Oakland, CA

After the death of my parents, I tried for two years to sell their home with a number of different agents. All I got was broken promises and really low offers.

After learning about House Buyer and submitting my parent home info to them, I was contacted by their exclusive referral agent, Rekha Chatwani. Since I live in Virginia and could not not meet her personally, she tood the initiative to talk to the property manager and my attorney to obtain a key, view the property, and provide me with a honest home evaluation as well as written guarantee that she would sell my home at my price or pay me the difference.

In less than 10 days, she brought me 4 offers on the property. She diligently negotiated with all 4 buyers, kept me involved on every minor detail, advised me on all negotiations. I was able to sign a contract with an all cash buyer, AS IS Sale without any repairs, no contingencies, and a 15 day closing. Best of all the offer was 20% more than what any of my previous agents had brought me. In 10 days, Rekha put more work in than all the other agents did in 2 years and sold my home for the price I needed.

I wish I had met her before and avoided 2 year longs of aggravation. I would strongly recommend Rekha Chatwani to every one who wants to sell their home quickly and at the best price.

Navdeep & Sukhy Gill ~ Fremont Home ~ Seller & Buyer

"...We assure you that Rekha will do whatever it takes to keep her clients satisfied. She trully goes beyond limits to get things done property and in a timely manner. We credit out new purchase completely to Rekha's hard work and efficiency..."

Shankar and Shyamala Bharadwaj ~ Fremont Home Seller & Buyer

"...We appreciate Rekha's calm assurance and expert advice throughout the process. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a highly effective and reliable real estate agent..."

Shesh & Ramya

We acknowledge the professional service by Rekha and Ashok Chatwani from Right Choice Realty & Loans, Their Collective dedicationand commitment helped us reach our goal of finding our dream home.

We were introduced to Rekha by the indian Radio station 1170. The couple provided the listener with current market analysis and valid information. This motivated us to that approach them and never regretted our choice.

While Rekha wasted no time in providing us various choices of the potential homes and walked us through various aspects of home selection, Ashok's expertise on loans and the associated process helped us quickly narrow down our dream home.

Our bigger worry of short sale woes was very easily resovled by Rekha and Ashok. They were swift in finding a buyer and closed the short sale in less than 60 days. This came as a huge relief for us.

Ashok handled all the communications with the bank without us having to worry about the nitty gritty details and Rekha was available at all times to answer queries.

We highly recommend Rekha and Ashok Chatwani to anyone interested in buying or selling a home in the bay area. Their services were par excellence.

Teresa & Don

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job has done in selling our home in Mission San Jose, Fremont, CA. When you knocked on our door, I just knew there was something different about you.

We have met many realtors over the last two years but you are by far the greatest one we have ever worked with. We are ecstatic today because of all your efforts! It's hard to believe that you had our home sold in less than 30 days (27 days to be technical). We had already been through a year of having the beautifully done flyer's and the "right" agent for our neighborhood "selling" our home - there was just one problem - after a year it still wasn't sold and we were being inconvenienced every time we turned by one thing or another.

From the first time we sat down I was impressed by the true professional you are. I do not believe our home would have sold as quickly as it did without your professionalism, excellent strategies combined with you extreme patience, perseverance and excellent people skills. You are definitely a cut above the rest. I was truly blessed to have such a great person consistently going above and beyond the call of duty to make everything work. You have an impeccable attention to details when it comes to strategies of the area you are marketing in. Not only knowing about the home you are selling but to know how and who to focus on for the purchasing shows knowledge and experience in an ever increasingly tight market.

Cleary you spend significant time considering how best to proceed in every step you take in the practice of real estate and we were nothing but impressed with you courtesy, advocacy, professionalism and knowledge. Your business is definitely your passion and there is an infectious quality to this that made the process of selling our home an enjoyable one for us.

I would say to anyone do not be fooled, there is a big difference between realtors in critical areas such as skills, sales abilities, experience, motivations, marketing, negotiation and professionalism. Not too many realtors in the field have even two or three traits-but you,Rekha Chatwani posses them all. You not only possess them, you have a superior marketing strategy and a higher level of commitment than I have seen in years in any professional realm. You never focused on the money but rather your reputation as an honest and hard-working person trying to give the client total satisfaction while helping the buyer the prize they can have.

You possess a character trait that has become rare in today's society. You actually listen before you speak. You solve before you apply and you never stop putting your client's best interest at heart. It was comforting to know that we could always count on you for honest and sound advice while going through the process. You are very strategic and yet so personal.To know the market the way you do so we would not waste time and energy where it would not reap any rewards or benefits was truly a blessing.

Finding someone willing to take the time to listen to our needs while keeping our interests in mind meant a great deal to us. It was great working with a realtor who is so committed to getting the highest possible return on our deal to us. It was great working to take the time to listen to our needs while keeping our interested in mind meant a great deal to us. It was great working with a realtor who is so committed to getting the highest possible return on our investment and someone who is passionate about what she does for her clients. Our market was very competitive and yet our home sold in 27 one believed us when we told them we sold our home. Words cannot describe how satisfied we are with your service! You were organized, thorough, and offered us an objective viewpoint at every step we had to make -helping us with the decisions when we didn't know which was to go. You even researched the questions we had when you didn't know the answers right away and every answer you gave was right on money.

In closing I would like to say, many people may get strong commitments when they sign contracts with realtors but they are mysteriously forgotten or vaguely pushed under the carpet. I did not get this from you and for this I am most grateful...thanks for doing what you said you would do and being honest enough to tell us what you "couldn't do" because of the economy etc. We feel we have made a lifetime friend in real estate. Trust is a commodity hard earned but well kept. We will definitely be back should we ever need to buy or sell a home again. You are always on the top of our list for our family and friends-a true champion for the client's best interest.

It is with gratitude that we write this acknowledgment of Rekha Chatwani as our professional representative. She is one calm, level-headed and respectful person who-if she is representing you-you will not be disappointed. e would recommend Rekha to anyone.